Does My Hero Academia Plan to Kill Off Mirko?

My Hero Academia fans have been worried about characters before, but many of them are asking [...]

My Hero Academia fans have been worried about characters before, but many of them are asking whether the Rabbit Hero, Mirko, is about to die. The sickly dread earlier this month when the manga's current arc checked in on the spunky hero. After having debuted in season four to rave responses, the manga felt now was a better time than any to revisit Mirko as the Pro Heros began their ambush against the Paranormal Liberation Front. But in order to see their mission through, Mirko took on several high-end Nomu and has fans fearing she's resting on death's door.

The previous chapters of the series saw Mirko leading the charge into the basement of Dr. Ujiko's laboratory, and she was left alone to face off against a group of new High-End Nomu that Ujiko had recently created. They were as strong as you would expect, and Mirko took some heavy hits. Chapter 269 revealed just how heavy those hits were though.

As the chapter opens we see the full extent of the injuries that she had been fighting through with pure adrenaline. Her left eye has been cut, her right leg has been torn to shreds, and she has a giant hole in her side. Endeavor is trying to do some quick on the scene wound management, but they still have to fight off the High-Ends. this it for Mirko? It very well could be considering that she has been on an explicit suicide mission since this war began.

my hero academia mirko

Series creator Kohei Horikoshi made a comment about her appearance in the series a few chapters back, and though it seemed innocuous at the time perhaps he was getting ready to kill her off? As this war continues to unfold and there has already been bloodshed of some major villains, Mirko would be the first major heroic casualty to balance the scales.

Would she be a big enough death? Yes, without effecting the main crux of the plot so much as she doesn't have any concrete ties to the story. But considering she's a favorite of both fans and the creator, her death would give this war some meaning. What do you think? Is My Hero Academia planning to kill off Mirko? Will she go out in a blaze of glory or walk away with this terribly scarred, but alive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!