My Hero Academia Creator Gets Saucy with Flirty Mirko Sketch

My Hero Academia's latest few chapters have really honed in on the Rabbit Hero Mirko, who fans [...]

My Hero Academia's latest few chapters have really honed in on the Rabbit Hero Mirko, who fans have been wanting to see come to the anime ever since she was first introduced during the Pro Hero arc. But that small debut was really the only time we actually got to see her, and she finally jumped into action with the latest chapters as the pro heroes made their big move against the Paranormal Liberation Front's Doctor. Because while we were told that she was part of the top ten hero rankings, we now finally got some great examples as to why.

Now that she's finally part of the action, it's become increasingly clear that series creator Kohei Horikoshi has been having a ton of fun showing off the full range of her power and skills. Because while she's currently in the midst of a life or death struggle, the smile on her face as she tears through Nomu and other enemies shows just how much love Horikoshi has for the fan-favorite Rabbit Hero.

But Horikoshi has been loving showing her off so much that not only has she been the star of the last few chapters, but the creator took to Twitter to show off a whole new flirty side to her. Casual Mirko is certainly a look that might not be making it into the series anytime soon (as there's a war to be fought), but fans are already in love. Check it out:

With the pro heroes making the first move against the villains with the latest few chapters of the series, Mirko has essentially been the first spear into the heart of their operations. She's been tearing her way through Dr. Ujiko's laboratory, but at the same time, she's fighting alone against some powerful new Nomu.

As the sticking out nail often is the one hammered down, this has had fans worried about Mirko's safety during all of this. So while she's showing off some incredible skills in battle (and excellent sides of Horikoshi's art), there's also a major sense of dread with each new chapter. But what do you think?

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