Naruto Fan Reanimates Kakashi's Iconic Fight with Obito by Hand

Naruto Uzumaki picked a fair few fights during his younger days, but that doesn't mean every conflict in the anime involved him. There were lots of skirmishes held without the blond-headed ninja, and several of them have become famous within the Naruto fandom. Take for instance Kakashi's fight with Obito during the Great Ninja War. Over the year, the battle has become one of the anime's most beloved, and one fan felt it was time they tried to reanimate the fight by hand.

Over on Reddit, the user UrSain posted a short video that shows their take on Kakashi vs Obito. The artist said they began to do this animation by hand and have already amassed 290 frames. All in all, the project has taken 26 hours of work, but the effort was well worth it according to netizens.

Don't believe it? Well, you should check out the video below. The Naruto clip shows what kind of work UrSain has done, and it is impressive, to say the least.

Kakashi vs Obito hand done animation im working on. thank you to all those from this sub who are supporting me ! roughly 290 frames - 26 hours of work. from r/Naruto

The fight isn't completed in this clip, but fans get an idea of how it will go. The hand-animated reel is surprisingly fluid given its one-man team, but that makes it all the better to watch. The fight carries on with Obito and Kakashi exchanging blows in their alternate universe, and neither of the former teammates takes it easier on the other.


Of course, Naruto fans are anxious to see the finished animation when UrSain completes the scene. This kind of fan-work shows how dedicated the Naruto fandom is, and users like UrSain are gracious enough to share their talents with the Hidden Leaf. Fan-artists can keep an entire fandom running with works such as this one. So when UrSain finishes this reel, you can expect the artist to be flooded with Reddit awards and more for their effort!

What do you make of this fan's take on Kakashi vs Obito? Does this fight still rank as one of the best in Naruto or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.