This Naruto Poster Shows How Far Kakashi's Team Has Really Come

Naruto Uzumaki started off with very little, but he had a dream. Millions of fans have watched the blond ninja turn his lofty goal into a reality, and Naruto had help along the way. From Jiraiya to Iruka, there were mentors guiding Naruto on his path to become Hokage, and one poster shows fans how far Kakashi has seen his student go.

Over on Twitter, the user kakashixy posted a video of a Naruto poster. It was there fans got a look at the clever piece, and its little twist got them emotional. After all, there is nothing more sentimental that good character growth, and that is what Kakashi found in Naruto.

As you can see below, the video shows Kakashi in his usual flak jacket standing next to Naruto. The boy is still a genin in this shot, and Kakashi is resting his hand on Naruto's head. The quiet picture would be cute enough, but this lenticular poster has a secret.

When you move to see the side slightly, the picture shifts. It shows Kakashi standing next to Naruto, but the boy is much older now. In fact, Naruto has become taller than Kakashi, and he is donning the Hokage's robe. The Hatake is seen with his hand atop the Seventh Hokage, and when this image is compared to the first, fans can see how far Naruto has come.


After all, it is no small feat becoming the Hokage. The leader of the Hidden Leaf is not only immensely strong, but they must be respected by everyone. Their authority and advice means more than most. The fact that Naruto managed to go from being a pariah to the Hokage is stunning in itself, and Kakashi is one of several who got to see that journey firsthand.

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