Did Naruto Just Set the Stage for Sasuke's Death in Boruto?

Could Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' newest chapter be setting up Sasuke's death? The sequel [...]

Could Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' newest chapter be setting up Sasuke's death? The sequel series initially hooked fans with the flash forward of Boruto facing off against someone in the ruins of the Hidden Leaf Village. One of the more interesting bits of Boruto's future design is his headband and the fact that he's using a sword. We learn through the series' run that Boruto seeks out Sasuke as his teacher, and had assumed that this additions to his future self were a result of this.

But as the newest chapter saw Boruto and Sasuke preparing themselves for the fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki, one moment in particular could be setting up for Sasuke's death before the fight is over. It's when Sasuke lends Boruto his headband with the intention of getting it back once they are through with the Otsutsuki fight.

Chapter 49 of the series sees Boruto and Sasuke have a heart to heart conversation in which Boruto opens up about his fear of Momoshiki taking over his body. Sasuke vows to stop him by any means necessary if that happens, even if it meant killing him. This helps Boruto for now, but he asks for one last piece of insurance by asking to borrow Sasuke's headband just as he did for the fight against Momoshiki.

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Sasuke does so, but then says that it's valuable and Boruto "better return it in person." Boruto then promises to, and the two of them head off to fight Isshiki. What's important to note is that before this point, Sasuke reaches out for Boruto's help because he knows that he and Naruto will not be enough to fight Isshiki considering how badly then did against Jigen during their first altercation.

Considering what we know about the future flash forward at the beginning of the series, Boruto puts the head band on to psyche himself up for the next phase of the fight with Kawaki. Unless he makes a habit of borrowing Sasuke's headband, and just keeps it on his person, the series could be setting for Sasuke's death before the end of this battle. Failing that, it's clear by context clues that Sasuke won't make it to the point we see at the beginning of the series.

But what do you think? Is Boruto truly setting up for Sasuke's death or is that flash forward not going to matter as we continue to get new information about how Karma works? If Sasuke does die, is it in the fight against Isshiki or will it be much later? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!