Naruto: Can the Tailed-Beasts Actually Die?

Naruto Uzumaki has never known a life without the presence of another being sealed within him. From his birth, the boy was raised as a vessel for the all-mighty Nine-Tailed Fox. Over the years, his relationship with the beast has changed into something akin to friendship, so fans have come to love the beast. And thanks to Boruto, the sequel has fans fretting over Kurama and his mortality.

The question was posed in the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It was there fans read up as Naruto faced Kurama within his seal, and the ninja was prepared to die. After all, he was told his death would come shortly after using an all-new Bijuu form, but that was not the whole truth. It turns out the only person who was in danger of dying was Kurama, and the chapter ends with the chakra beast dying.

naruto beasts
(Photo: Pierrot)

Of course, this update left fans a total wreck, and the conversation has surfaced about whether Kurama can actually die. After all, he isn't alive in the way a human is, and Naruto has actually addressed this before. It turns out the Tailed Beasts never actually die, but they reincarnate over the years.

The first instance of a Tailed Beast dying happened with Isobu. The monster was killed alongside his host, and it forced the beast to reform over the years. Tons of natural chakra had to form in order for Isobu to return, but the beast did get there eventually. This fate seems to be waiting for Kurama unless the impact of his Baryon form is different from anything experienced before.


Thanks to Kurama, Naruto was able to survive the beast's removal, but things will never be the same for the boy. He will now live a life similar to Gaara as the ninja had the One-Tail taken from him years ago. Still, Gaara is able to rule his village as Kage, so Naruto will surely be able to live up to his friend's example. But before he can restart training, let's give Naruto some time to mourn the loss of his unlikeliest friend.

Do you think we have seen the last of Kurama? Or will Boruto find a way to bring the Tailed Beast back? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.