Naruto Cosplay Creates Stunning Kurama Using Bodypaint

The nine-tailed fox was once one of the biggest threats to the ninja world in the popular Shonen [...]

The nine-tailed fox was once one of the biggest threats to the ninja world in the popular Shonen franchise of Naruto, but over the years of the franchise, the titular ninja would come to an understanding with the Kurama held inside his own body and one fan has managed to recreate the all-powerful beast using some amazing body paints! In the pages of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, both Naruto and Kurama have come to an understanding that has given the seventh Hokage an insane power boost that comes with a heavy cost which might result in their deaths!

When Naruto was first introduced in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, we witnessed the young ninja of Konoha attempting to make a name for himself while simultaneously struggling with the beast hidden within himself. During his first adventures, Naruto found himself losing control time and time again, with the nine-tailed fox taking over his body but giving him an insane power boost in the process. Over time, the two would come to an understanding, with Naruto managing to control more of the Kyubi's power while still being able to keep his own mind in the driver's seat. As the current Hokage, Naruto has made his peace with the nine-tailed fox, but we aren't sure if the pair will survive their current battle with the Kara Organization!

Instagram Cosplayer Janani shared this insanely impressive body paint that helps to bring the nine-tailed fox out of the pages of the franchise created by mangaka Masashi Kishimoto and into the real world for fans of Konoha to take in and not worry about getting struck with an energy bomb in the process:

Naruto making peace with the nine-tailed fox is especially impressive considering that Kurama had killed both his parents while being controlled by Obito and unleashed upon the Hidden Leaf Village! The latest chapters of the manga are hinting that Naruto might die, though we are left to wonder if the Kyubi will die within him, or perhaps take on a new vessel from one of the other ninjas of Konoha!

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