Naruto Calls Backs to Tsunade's Debut with a Gnarly Boruto Villain

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been lagging behind with hype as of late, but that all changed this past week with a new episode. The sequel shot forward with an update on Deepa as the terrifying member of Kara has been on the hunt for Hashirama cells, but things took a detour when the baddie modeled after Tsunade in an unexpected way.

The moment came towards the end of the latest episode as Boruto knelt before Deepa. Team 7 was all but wrecked by the Kara member, and Deepa took joy in ruining their days. In fact, the baddie told Boruto his challenge to them was never even a fight since he outclassed them so badly. That is when he channeled his inner Tsunade, and he did so by flicking Boruto.

If you will remember, Tsunade did this exact thing to Naruto back in the day before she came back to the Hidden Leaf as Hokage. Naruto and Jiraiya sought after the lady until they found her gambling in a den. The pair did not hit it off, and Tsunade said she would flick Naruto with her super strength if he didn't lay off on her becoming Hokage. In the end, she didn't flick him too badly as Naruto managed to master the Rasengan, but that is not what Deepa did here.

As you can see above, the Kara member flicked Boruto with a carbon-reinforced finger. The villain used his insane strength to send Boruto flying across the woods with a flick, and the boy did not get back up from the blow. After all, his head was no doubt ringing from the force, so it is a good thing Mitsuki was able to rescue his teammates before Deepa moved on from simply flicking them.

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