Naruto Reveals How the Otsutsuki Clan Cheats Death

Boruto has been off the air for a few weeks now given the COVID-19 outbreak, but the manga is charging right along. Not long ago, the most recent chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was published, and it was there fans learned some startling truths about the Otsutsuki clan. And thanks to Amado, one of those truths revolves around how the ancient family is able to cheat death through some high-tech means.

The news came in chapter 46 when Boruto decided to let fans in some big secrets. While Kashin Koji and Jigen fought on their own turf, our heroes watched along with Amado back in the Hidden Leaf Village. It was there the Kara defect opened up about Jigen's secrets after being granted asylum, but no one could have expected his explanation of Karma and how Jigen uses it.

Or rather how Isshiki uses it. It turns out Jigen is just a human puppet at this point. An Otsutsuki has been calling the shots for Jigen for years now, and it turns out Karma is how the otherworldly ninja has been cheating death time and again.

boruto naruto otsutsuki

As Amado explains, the Otsutsuki are able to cheat death in one of two ways so far. The most common is through turning themselves into literal data that comes in the form of Karma. The diamond mark is embedded into a host after being made by an Otsutsuki, and the data is slowly leaked into its hosts over the years. Eventually, the host is turned into the Karma's creator which means Boruto and Kawaki are at risk right now.


The other method is more crude and used as an emergency. If the dying Otsutsuki is too drained to make a Karma mark, they can size themselves down in an attempt to heal. If they survive the change, the Otsutsuki can try to take over a host by literally entering their body and latching onto them like a parasite. That is the way in which Isshiki took over Jigen so many years ago. Now, Boruto and Kawaki are facing the same threat, and Amado is warning the Hokage that allowing the boys to become Otsutsuki hosts would spell the end of mankind as they know it.

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