Naruto Fan Brings Ino to Life with Gorgeous 'Shippuden' Cosplay

Naruto and cosplaying have gone together for as long as the series has existed. The anime has too many colorful characters to avoid, and their looks can be dressed up or down as need be. Of course, the Konoha 11 have inspired cosplayers the world over, and it seems like one fan is showing off their grounded take on Ino Yamanaka that is earning them praise online.

You can check out the impressive look from zesty_cosplayer below. The Instagram user shared their take on Ino after drawing up a cosplay based on Naruto: Shippuden. This means the heroine is rocking her post-timeskip look, and this cosplay gives a perfect adaptation of the outfit.

As you can see, the Naruto cosplay features the fan wearing light blonde hair that is a shade for shade match to Ino. The piece is styled back just like the Yamanaka heroine wears, and she has long bands hanging down her face.

Ino's blue eyes are also on display as it seems contacts were used to make their color pop. Their look is enhanced by some no-nonsense makeup that suits a ninja of her status.

Finally, the Ino look comes together with a cute mock neck crop top. The purple piece features buttons down the front, and its sleeveless arms show off the user's pale skin. They have even struck a pose to bring Ino to life for the camera as it looks like Ino is about to perform her clan's signature jutsu.


Clearly, zesty_cosplayer put some effort into this look without going overboard in any way. If Ino were to ever be adapted for live-action, she would look very much like this, so we're giving this detailed Naruto cosplay two thumbs up!

What do you think of this fan's take on the Yamanaka heiress? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.