Naruto Cosplay Is Covered In Clouds With Sexy No Jutsu

Naruto has had a number of different jutsu at his disposal throughout Masashi Kishimoto's insanely [...]

Naruto has had a number of different jutsu at his disposal throughout Masashi Kishimoto's insanely popular Shonen franchise, but one of the most memorable was definitely the Sexy No Justu, which allowed the young ninja to transform himself into a naked woman with one cosplayer perfectly capturing this insane technique. Like father like son, Boruto has been able to use the Sexy No Jutsu himself, proving that though the move might be beyond ridiculous, it definitely has its uses in getting attention and distracting enemies if Team 7 needs a quick assist in accomplishing a mission for the Hidden Leaf.

With Naruto currently working as the Seventh Hokage for Konoha, he doesn't often rely on this power, busting out his bigger moves when he is facing off against the likes of the Kara Organization, and most recently, their leader in Jigen! With the latest chapter of the Boruto manga focusing on Naruto teaming up with Sasuke and Boruto to help put an end to the machinations of Isshiki, we don't imagine Sexy No Jutsu being brought back by either the father or son Uzumaki as this life or death battle continues. Though the technique might not be a prominent in Naruto Next Generations, it's clear that it still remains a well remembered technique from the anime franchise!

Instagram Cosplayer Aly Brazil shared this hilarious and dead on cosplay that once again revisits Naruto's wackiest technique in the world of the Konoha franchise that has easily become one of the most popular Shonen properties within the medium of anime:

In the upcoming episodes of the anime, Boruto is apparently learning how to use a new version of a traditional move that isn't Sexy No Jutsu. Having trained with Kakashi following his defeat at the hands of some members of the Kara Organization, we can't wait to see the new Rasengan that Boruto is able to create as a result of his training with the copy cat ninja who was formerly the sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf.

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