This Viral Naruto Tik Tok Does Kakashi Dirty

One of the most popular characters in the Naruto franchise is easily the former teacher of Team 7, Kakashi, whose cool demeanor and "Copy Cat Ninja" skills made him a fan favorite from day one, and a recent Tik Tok video that went viral makes a hilarious joke that digs at the Sharingan wielding for a past terrible action. The originator of the Tik Tok slaps on a mask to make themselves look like the one time Hokage and makes a dark yet laugh inducing reference to one of the most emotional times in Kakashi's life!

A major part of the anime franchise has been showing us the past of Konoha, and the early days of Kakashi have been examined along the way. The original team of ninja which included Kakashi, Obito, and Rin went through a number of tragic events that shattered the collective. Obito was seemingly killed during a mission that had him transferring his Sharingan to Kakashi and the Copy Cat ninja was forced to unleash a Chidori to end his friend Rin's life due to some seriously unfortunate circumstances. The dark humor of this Tik Tok of course refers to Kakashi using his Chidori to end Rin's life, causing the revenge mission of Obito that would form the creation of the Akatsuki!

Naruto Kakashi
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

Reddit User Dhshsjsjs shared this brutally hilarious Naruto Tik Tok that shows the "fastest way to a girl's heart" by mimicking the Copy Cat Ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, employing the Chidori that is able to bust its way into an opponent's body via electricity:

naruto tiktoks go hard from r/Naruto

Kakashi eventually became the Hokage of Konoha the Hidden Leaf Village, right before Naruto himself took the main spot as the Seventh Leader of the ninja village. While he hasn't quite retired from his life as a ninja for the village, he certainly isn't throwing himself into battle in the same way he did in his earlier days. With the next generation of Konoha taking over fighting against the villains that make up the Kara Organization, Kakashi's last major adventure in the series followed the Copy Cat ninja travelling to a number of hot springs in order to find a potential cure for his crippled friend, Might Guy.

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