Final Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie Wraps Recording

It has been years since fans were introduced to Neon Genesis Evangelion's new film series. Studio Khara decided to give the franchise a much-needed overall with Hideaki Anno at the helm. Now, all eyes are on the final film as it will debut early next year, and fans just got an encourage update on the movie.

Recently, Studio Khara gave fans a heads up about the movie in a Twitter post. It was there fans were told all dubbing has been finished for the movie, and the Japanese cast knocked their roles out of the park.

"The recording for all the main characters including retakes has finished. Thank you to all the actors for returning to record. [Just] 65 days left until the premiere," the message reads.

This update is a welcome one as it spreads good news about the final Rebuild of Evangelion project. The film has been plagued by production issues since day one. Much of the delay was prompted by Anno's hiatus from directing as he began seeking treatment for treatment. Fans were more than willing to wait if it meant giving Anno the time he needed to recover, and after the director tackled Shin Godzilla, he felt ready to return to this film.


Of course, the kaiju flick did take up a good bit of Anno's time, but he returned to work on Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 before long. Progress has been made consistently on the film since, but fans were surprised earlier this year when the title was removed from Toho's schedule. The pandemic forced the crew to re-examine their release schedule for the film, but Studio Khara ultimately settled for a January 2021 release. Now, fans are eager to see what this final movie has in store and how it will change the Evangelion series for good.

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