Neon Genesis Evangelion's Tamagotchi Sets Pre-orders Live

Neon Genesis Evangelion hit a snag, like many other anime franchises, thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic that caused the latest feature length film, Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, to be delayed, but fans can dive into the series in one of the most unexpected ways as Tamagotchis are now available for pre-order on Amazon (Rei / Asuka / Shinji) that allow fans to raise their own "angels" and Eva units! With Tamagotchis centered around the likes of Shinji, Asuka, and Rei, these Evangelion themed electronic "pet raisers" certainly give fans the opportunity to re-live the series in a brand new way unlike anything before!

Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't the first anime series to be featured with these unique electronic devices, with fans having the opportunity to raise Tagamagotchis from the likes of Demon Slayer, Digimon, and more that have hit the market place in recent years. Tamagotchi was first released by Bandai in 1996, focusing on domestic animals that fans could raise by monitoring these tiny electronic devices, with the franchise eventually opening its doors to more established franchises along the way, anime and otherwise. The pre-orders have sold out fast for these new entries into the Evangelion and Tomagotchi landscapes, but we would imagine that more will be on the way shortly!

Twitter User Nintendeal shared the pre-order links for these new Evangelion x Tamagotchi products, selling out quickly and proving that fans of both franchises are eager to have "angels" of their own that they can raise to become true terrors:

The future of Neon Genesis Evangelion is up in the air once the fourth and final movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion series comes to a close, as this new story has re-told the anime franchise of Shinji Ikari and NERV in a brand new way. Whether we get a new anime series or perhaps new movies that can once again dive into this battleground between mechs and celestial beings is anyone's guess, but the longevity of the franchise and its place within the world of anime is something that certainly cannot be questioned.


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