New Japanese Prime Minister A Fan Of Demon Slayer, Promises Higher Wages For Industry

The popularity of Demon Slayer has skyrocketed in recent years, with the Shonen franchise creating the most profitable feature-length film in the world of anime to date with Mugen Train, and it seems that the story of Tanjiro and his friends within the Demon Slayer Corps has resonated with the next Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida. On top of sharing his love of the anime franchise, Kishida has also promised to make changes to the industry of anime and manga, confirming that he will seek to raise wages for artists and other creators who work in the industry.

Fumio Kishida recently won the LDP Presidential Election in Japan, making him set to become the one-hundredth Prime Minister of the country and took the opportunity to share his love of Demon Slayer, while also stating that his favorite character of the series is none other than Akaza, one of the high ranking demons that struck a major blow to the Corps during the Mugen Train Arc: 

"I haven't watched TV, but I've read through all the volumes of Demon Slayer: Kimentsu No Yaiba. My favorite character is Akaza." 

On top of this declaration of his admiration of Koyoharu Gotouge's masterpiece, Kishida promised to work toward "raising the income of people involved in the Japanese 'soft power' industry such as manga, anime, and movies,"

Demon Slayer is set to have a big 2021, not just with the earlier release of its first movie in theaters in North America, but with this fall seeing the return of the series to television with its second season. Translating the events of the Mugen Train film to television throughout October and November, the series will also dive into the new arc of the Entertainment District storyline that sees Tanjiro and his friends battling against new threats as they attempt to handle the fallout of the Mugen Train storyline. 

Anime and manga have long been a part of Japan's culture, with numerous stories being released of low wages for some of its biggest creators and animators across the board, so this proclamation by Kishida will certainly gain a lot of attention from both workers in the anime industry and fans alike.

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Via Yahoo News