Noblesse Fans Need to Watch One Thing Before Starting Season One

Noblesse is one of the most popular Webtoons being published today, and it has been long overdue for an anime. Fans have begged for such an adaptation for years now, and this week has rewarded their patience in a big way. The first episode of Noblesse season one has gone live, so fans are obviously excited. But before you jump into this exciting season, there is something fans need to watch first unless they want to miss out on some critical information.

While the first episode of Noblesse is available for fans to watch, there is a prologue to the season premiere. It dates all the way back to February 2016, and it introduces the main players of Noblesse. There are some fans who will remember watching the intro all those years ago. But if 2016 feels a bit blurry to you, this Noblesse OVA is available to watch for free on Crunchyroll.

"Cadis Etrama di Raizel wakes up from 820-years long sleep and starts a new life as a high school student. His peaceful days as a student are soon interrupted as his new human friends are assaulted by mysterious attackers with superhuman abilities," the OVA's blurb reads.

Noblesse Release Date
(Photo: WEBTOON)

The prologue, which is called Noblesse: Awakening, provides fans some very important context for the first season. The series' recent premiere follows immediately after the end of Noblesse's prologue, so you can see why fans will want to binge the show. This suggestion was not made clear to fans ahead of time, so many checked out season one and were met with serious confusion. That will not be the case if you watch this OVA, so fans better get to binging ASAP.

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