One Piece Episode 1033 Promises Epic Visuals in New Promo

One Piece's Wano Arc spent years building up to Luffy and his crew taking on the Beast Pirates, with the War For Wano Arc seeing each of the Straw Hats taking on their own unique challenges in battling against Kaido's crew. While the war is inching toward its conclusion in the anime adaptation, there are still some giant moments that are set to take place on the small screen, with a new promo giving us a fresh look at the pirate captains' battle.

Gear Fifth will be a sight to see in the anime adaptation, as the most powerful form of Luffy's transforms him into a living cartoon, granting him the power to grow to the size of a skyscraper and pluck lightning bolts from the sky. Without going too deeply into spoiler territory, Luffy's latest transformation is a game changer not just in the War for Wano Arc, but also in the revelations that were revealed when it came to the Devil Fruit that granted Monkey his rubber powers. The anime adaptation has yet to reveal how many more episodes the Wano Arc will entail but fans of the television series should expect some major moments before it draws to a close.

Twitter Outlet Oro Japan shared the promo for the upcoming episode of One Piece, giving us glimpses at the next phase of the fight between Luffy and Kaido that has the isolated nation's future hanging in the balance that will give way to the last journey of the Straw Hat Pirates after decades of story within the Shonen franchise:

The Beast Pirates most likely won't be playing much of a role in the Final Arc of the Shonen series, especially considering their state following the War For Wano Arc, though they certainly left an impression on both the isolated nation and the Straw Hat Pirates. With the initial chapters of One Piece's Final Arc bringing back a large number of heroes and villains within the Grand Line, it's clear that Oda has quite a few things in mind for his last storyline.

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