One Piece Returns to TV with Luffy Saving an Important Man's Life

One Piece fans know Monkey D. Luffy is a brash kind of guy, but that has never stopped him from [...]

One Piece fans know Monkey D. Luffy is a brash kind of guy, but that has never stopped him from doing what he wants. Now that he is back on TV, fans were all but certain the pirate would do something crazy in his comeback episode. It turns out the prediction was right as episode 930 went live this weekend, and it followed Luffy as he took on his craziest plan yet.

Aside from trying to ambush Kaido, that is. There are few plans in this world rasher than fighting Kaido head-on, but that is what Luffy did. His defeat landed him in jail, and now he is trying to escape after he saved an old man's life from a guard.

The ordeal went down with One Piece episode 930 as fans met up with Hyogoro. The old man was being roughed up by a guard who wanted nothing more than to kill him. That is what would have happened if Luffy hadn't stepped in, but he came running at the guard from a mile away.

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(Photo: Toei Animation)

After working at the prison camp so much, Luffy is more muscular than ever, and his flying hit knocked the baddie out immediately. When the rest of the guards showed up, Luffy had no problems facing them despite his Devil Fruits power being restrained. So if that is not crazy, what is?

Hyogoro was more than happy to welcome such a save, but he knew the punishment was dire. Luffy has committed a crime punishable by death, so you can understand why the old man is worried. But unlike One Piece fans, this Wano prisoner doesn't know how hard it is exactly to kill the captain of the Straw Hat pirates! Luffy does not go down easily, and he won't be keeling over until he has claimed his place as the King of the Pirates.

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