One Piece Creator Really Drew the Straw Hats with His Teeth

The creator of One Piece is willing to do some crazy things, and Eiichiro Oda does not deny it. Over the decades, he has pulled some hilarious stunts for fans, and they tend to involve the Straw Hat crew in some way. Of course, there are some things fans never expected Oda to really do, but he showed them all when he drew the Straw Hats with his pen and his teeth.

Yes, that is right. We said teeth. Oda may be used to drawing the Straw Hats with his hands, but that doesn't mean he is limited to them. During a previous Q&A with fans, Oda showed fans he could sketch with his teeth, but the One Piece artist admitted the choice is not one he would recommend.

"Here are the results of my experiment. I've concluded that it's not good to draw using your mouth... so please don't ask me to do anything like this ever again," Oda told fans.

"My front teeth hurt! They're going to crack!"

Naturally, fans are impressed with his stubborn determination to draw the heroes with his teeth. They also really wish a video was taken of the moment so they could see how Oda pulled it off. Drawing requires a fair bit of dexterity which isn't really needed in your teeth. Oda must have gotten a good workout on his neck while doing the sketch, so we have to give him kudos for that.


You can find the One Piece artwork above, and it's surprisingly easy to tell the characters apart. Luffy is easy to spot at the top thanks to his hat. In the lefthand row, fans can find Nami hanging out with Usopp and Tony Tony Chopper following after. The righthand side features Zoro and Sanji, but Oda's work on Robin has definitely seen better days. But hey - Oda did his best and that is what counts.

Do you think Oda should pen an entire chapter like this? Or trying drawing the Straw Hats in another wacky way first? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!