One Piece Releases New Dubbed 'Punk Hazard' Episodes

One Piece promised to get its English dub past the Punk Hazard arc earlier this year, and the pandemic is not stopping that from happening. Funimation has adapted to the landscape created by COVID, so voice actors have found ways to record this year. That means good news for One Piece fans because a recent announcement confirms a new slate of dubbed episodes are live at last!

The information comes straight from Funimation as the company announced the debut of several new dubbed episodes. "Starting today (October 27), you can purchase Episodes 615–628 on digital content platforms, including PlayStation Video and Microsoft Movies & TV. The Punk Hazard arc is coming to an end, which means a climactic fight between Luffy and Caesar takes center stage in this batch," the company's statement reads.

one piece punk hazard
(Photo: Toei Animation)

According to the release, fans can buy all 13 of the news episodes starting today. It will take a bit longer for fans to stream the dubbed episodes. Digital sales will have an exclusive window on the One Piece episodes until November 17. The 13 episodes will then be made available for fans streaming on Funimation.

As you can imagine, One Piece fans are pleased to hear the anime is moving forward, and it is getting closer to Dressrosa by the month. The target arc starts with episode 629, so the dub is almost there. The upcoming arc lasts a total of 118 episodes, so Dressrosa caps at episode 746. The arc after that happens to be the Zou arc, so fans still have a ways to go before the dub catches up with the anime's current Wano Country arc.


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