One Piece Explains the Straw Hats' Plans for Luffy

One Piece is now making its way through the massive fight between Luffy and Kaido's forces at Onigashima, and the newest chapter of the series explained what the Straw Hats' plans for Luffy are until he can fight off against Kaido face to face. With the manga's newest string of chapters seeing the official fight against Kaido reaching an intense new level, Luffy has been trying to make his way through the chaos in Onigashima and the Straw Hats revealed in the newest chapter that their goal is to get Luffy to him as quickly as possible.

As fans have come to know about Luffy over the course of the series thus far, Luffy often gets quickly distracted by things and that's especially tough this time around considering all of the fights breaking out around Onigashima that Luffy wants to throw himself into. He's got to get to Kaido without getting tired out, so that's the major issue his crew is trying to avoid.

Chapter 993 of the series continues the chaos throughout Onigashima, and it's revealed that Luffy currently finds himself on the second to the bottom basement level. He's got to make it upwards about six or so floors before he'll even make it to the fight between Kaido and the Akazaya Nine on the dome's roof. But all Luffy can see is those fighting in front of him, so Sanji and the others are doing their best to stop their Captain from getting in pointless fights.

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Not only does Sanji keep him from attacking a few foes to conserve his strength against Kaido, Luffy berates him because he could have taken down those foes much faster. Luckily Jimbei soon arrives and confirms that it's indeed the crew's goal to somehow get their captain to the roof without tiring himself out. But with Luffy fighting with every chance he gets, it's going to cause Jimbei and the other Straw Hats a lot of trouble this time around.


There's all sorts of chaos breaking out through Onigashima, yet Luffy is probably the most chaotic entity in the entire war overall. The Straw Hats have usually had trouble wrangling in their captain in the past, but this might be one of their toughest challenges yet. But what do you think? Hoping to see the final fight between Luffy and Kaido sooner rather than later? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!