One Piece Video Animates Luffy's Gear Fifth Form

Luffy has gone through a number of changes throughout the years, as One Piece recently gave him his most powerful form to date via Gear Fifth. With the new form revealing hidden secrets when it comes to the origins of Luffy's Devil Fruit, it has yet to hit the anime adaptation officially, though that isn't stopping fan animators from imagining what this new transformation might look like on the small screen. 

In the latest anime episodes, Luffy has been fighting tooth and nail against the Beast Pirate Captain, Kaido, with the dragon tyrant having the ability to transform into a giant flying lizard, as well as something in-between this form and his large human frame. With the War For Wano stretching the Straw Hat Pirates thin as they fight against both the Beast Pirates and all the warriors that are employed by the nefarious Orochi, the battle taking place on the isolated nation has seen many old allies of Luffy and company lending a much-needed hand. Currently, the anime hasn't stated how many more episodes it has until the war comes to an end, though expect some major moments before it does.

Youtube Animator Jovzkie Animation has taken the opportunity to imagine what Luffy might look like in his new form once he hits the small screen, giving fans a good idea of how Gear Fifth will look in motion as the War For Wano continues to tear apart the isolated nation and change its future as a result:

This November, One Piece: Red will hit theaters in North America and countries outside of Japan, and while Gear Fifth hasn't been confirmed to appear in the fifteenth film featuring the Straw Hat Pirates, it's a race to see where Luffy's transformation will appear first if it is in fact in the movie that features the return of Shanks. As the final arc continues in the manga, Luffy has yet to bring back his ultimate power, though it's a surefire bet that we'll see it make a comeback before the Straw Hat Pirates sail into the sunset. 

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