One Piece Fan Wows with Final Fantasy VII Crossover

While the anime of One Piece and the legendary video game of Final Fantasy VII might not have much [...]

While the anime of One Piece and the legendary video game of Final Fantasy VII might not have much in common, that hasn't stopped one fan from combining the two worlds by taking Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates and placing them into the outfits of the denizens of Midgar. Avalanche, which was the group that Cloud, Tifa, and Barrett were a part of, were on a quest to save the world from the nefarious company known as Shinra, and while they didn't mostly sail the seas in their attempts, their goals were as altruistic as the anime swashbucklers!

Recently, video game fans had the chance to revisit the classic video game, Final Fantasy VII, with a remake that was released for modern consoles, giving the adventures of Cloud and his band of mercenaries a present day makeover. While this game will only be the first in a series that seeks to retell all the events of the Playstation One classic, the first game itself is able to tell a complete story about Avalanche attempting to stop Shinra from destroying the planet. While One Piece hasn't seen a reboot, the long running anime franchise has been given a "fresh coat of paint" with its television series following the Straw Hat Pirates as they attempt to free the citizens of Wano Country!

Reddit Fan Artist ProfessorGemini shared this impressive crossover art that takes the Straw Hat Pirates and places them into the shoes of Avalanche, even hilariously giving Usopp the role of the antagonist of Final Fantasy VII in Sephiroth, who is easily one of the most iconic video game villains:

Here's the colorspread I did for the last fanchapter we're making from r/OnePiece

While there has yet to be any details revealed about the follow up game to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, with the upcoming arrival of the Playstation 5 getting more and more attention, we would imagine that we'll be hearing more about the next gen adventures of Cloud and his friends as more details begin to drop. While we don't expect One Piece and Final Fantasy VII to ever have an official crossover, we're sure to see One Piece enter the realm of video games time and time again!

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