One Piece Stuns with Marco the Phoenix's Comeback

One Piece's Wano Country arc is kicking off its major war, and the latest chapter stunned with the [...]

One Piece's Wano Country arc is kicking off its major war, and the latest chapter stunned with the return of a surprising player, Marco the Phoenix. As the third act of the arc has seen Luffy and the rebel forces successfully sneak their way into Kaido's party at Onigashima, fans have begun to see just how many important pieces that are now gathering on the island for the big war. But fans certainly didn't expect to see Marco the Phoenix making his surprise return to the series in the latest chapter.

Chapter 981 sees the rest of the Big Mom Pirates trying to climb the fierce waterfall and make their way to Wano officially, and as they began to reach the top Marco suddenly arrives. With very little explanation as to why he's there in the first place, Marco instantly attacks the Big Mom Pirates' ship and sends them tumbling off the waterfall.

Upon his major return to the series, he's surprised to see that the story about Kaido and Big Mom's alliance was true and makes sure that the Big Mom Pirates can't make their way into the region officially. As they begin to fall down back into the sea, Marco notes how the times may be moving on a "bit more than before" when they finally make their way into Wano.

One Piece Marco the Phoenix Return Manga Chapter 981
(Photo: Shueisha)

The major question here is why Marco has decided to show up in the first place. Although Jimbei also made his major return to the series in a previous chapter, he knew Luffy and the others were preparing to take down Kaido following his protecting of his former Sun Pirates family following the Whole Cake Island arc. So how did Marco find out about the big attack?

The last time we had seen Marco he was left retired at Whitebeard's home town and is protecting following the death of his former captain. Something must have ruffled through the news waves and piqued his interest to the point where he decided to fly over into the Wano region himself. Meaning, this is going to be even bigger than anyone could have expected.

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