One Piece Gear 5 Luffy Goes Viral Thanks to One Student's Epic Art

One Piece's Gear 5th transformation is one of the biggest anime events of the year, and art has gone viral to prove it.

One Piece might have won the anime summer season for 2023 thanks in part to Monkey D. Luffy acquiring his peak form in Gear Fifth. Now gaining the ability to become a living cartoon, the Straw Hat Pirate's fight against the Beast Pirate Kaido has hit new heights as the War For Wano rages on. Thanks to the popularity of Luffy's ultimate transformation, there's quite a bit of art that has been going viral of Gear Fifth, with a recent example taking place in the hallowed halls of a school.

One Piece's anime adaptation has seen Toei Animation giving the series their all as the animation has been considered stellar amongst the anime fan community. Thanks to Eiichiro Oda deciding to transform Luffy into a living cartoon, Gear Fifth is one of the most eye-popping, quite literally, forms of the series to date. Aside from managing to transform his own body, Monkey can also transform the properties of environments and opponents that he touches as well. During the fight against Kaido, Luffy has been able to change the antagonist's form as well as turning the ground beneath his own feet into rubber, causing anime viewers to be thrown for a loop as a result. 

Gear Fifth Arrives in The Classroom

Aside from giving Luffy powers that he has never accessed before, Gear Fifth also gives Monkey quite the makeover as well. Transforming his clothes to the color white, along with his hair, anime fans have been able to witness the Straw Hat Captain's appearance change as he utilizes cartoonish features that make him look straight out of Warner Bros' Loony Tunes. While the anime series has yet to confirm how many more episodes the Wano Arc has left, expect to see plenty more of Luffy's ultimate form before the storyline ends.

Following the War For Wano Arc in the manga, Oda has introduced readers to the final saga of the series. The mangaka hasn't revealed how many additional chapters Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates have left before they sail off into the sunset, but there could still be years left in One Piece's story. 

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