One Piece Cosplay Gives Us "Low Cost" Ace

One Piece's Ace might no longer be among the land of the living in Eiichiro Oda's swashbuckling Shonen epic, but that hasn't stopped fans from bringing the brother of Monkey D. Luffy back to life via some unique Cosplay, and Low-Cost Cosplay has hilariously depicted the flaming pirate who has ties to the Grand Line and the nation of Wano. With a recent flashback in both the anime and the manga giving us new insight into the past of Ace, it's definitely no surprise to see him re-emerge as fans re-discover one of the strongest pirates of the Grand Line.

In the manga, we recently discovered that Ace actually had a face-to-face meeting with Yamato, the offspring of Kaido that is attempting to vacate the shadow of their father that has turned the nation of Wano into a terrible place for its citizens. The tete-a-tete not only gave us an idea of how Ace acted when he was in a more laid-back mood, but also showed just how much he truly loved his brother Luffy as he was able to bring him up repeatedly and stated with certainty that he would one day become the king of the pirates. Though Ace might be gone, his personality still remains a big part of One Piece to this day.

Instagram Cosplayer Low-Cost Cosplay shared this impressive rendition of Luffy's brother, using every part of a chip bag to help bring Ace back to life in one of the most hilarious ways that we've ever seen to date and letting fans remember the many accomplishments of the flame wielding swashbuckler:

Ace has also recently returned thanks to a spin-off manga series titled One Piece: Ace's Story that is written and drawn by the creator of Dr. Stone, Boichi, that explores the pirate's days long before he had sacrificed his life to save his brother during the Marineford Arc. With Ace's passing being one of the most emotional moments in the entirety of One Piece, we expect more glimpses into his past life as the Wano Arc and Ace's Story continue in the future.

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