One Piece Just Revealed a Major Villain Isn't Really Dead

One Piece likes to play games with fans, and most of them fans can see coming from miles away. However, there are some twists that fans never expected to see happen. From deaths to victories, it seems the Straw Hat crew has experienced it all, and the most recent update from One Piece took fans by surprise with its last-minute revival.

The whole thing went down in chapter 1008. One Piece checked in on the samurai as they were greeted by Oden, but they were able to see through the ruse. Despite wanting to believe in the hero's return, the gang figured out Kanjuro was behind the ordeal, and his unexpected comeback ended up being overshadowed by another.

one piece luffy
(Photo: Shueisha)

So if you guessed Orochi was alive, then congratulations! You are the lucky winner. It turns out the ruler of Want is alive and well despite Kaido seemingly killing. him. Orochi managed to survive the shocking blow from dozens of chapters ago. Now, he is on a warpath, and Orochi is determined to burn down Onigaishima if it is the last thing he does.

"I'll burn it ll down. You'll all die, up here in the sky where there's nowhere to run. That was the last mistake you'll ever make! I'll slaughter every last one of you!!"


As you can see, Orochi is furious at Kaido's turn, and he is set on punishing his former loyalists who turned tail to the Yonko. One Piece fans are waiting to learn how Orochi survived his lethal injury, but his return is just one of several wild things to happen in this chapter. So if you thought the Wano arc was winding down anytime soon, well - you best think again!

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