One Piece Cliffhanger Launches New Battle for Luffy

One Piece's 'War For Wano' has a large number of moving pieces as the forces of the Straw Hat [...]

One Piece's "War For Wano" has a large number of moving pieces as the forces of the Straw Hat Pirates, Vassals of Oden, Beast Pirates, and members of the Worst Generation are all smashed together to decide the fate of the isolated nation. With Luffy joined by Zoro and several other members of the Worst Generation in a battle against Kaido and Big Mom, who have formed an unholy alliance in order to take over the world, it seems as if the would-be king of the pirates is in store for one of the most brutal fights in his swashbuckling career.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of One Piece's manga, Chapter 1008, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

This latest installment didn't just give Luffy and his fellow members of the Worst Generation a battle that has them believing that they are "in hell itself", but also throws in plenty of surprises for fans of the long-running Shonen series. Earlier in the chapter, we witness that the return of Oden from the grave was nothing but a ruse, as Kanjuro unleashed a doppelganger on his friends who run under the title of the "Vassals of Oden". Following this confrontation, we also bear witness to the return of the Shogun, Orochi, who apparently hadn't been decapitated by Kaido after all.

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With Kaido unleashing what appears to be his final form, which blends his human form with that of his dragon form granted to him by the Devil Fruit he ingested and standing alongside Big Mom, it definitely feels as if Luffy and his partners are in for the fight of their lives. Luckily for the Wano Resistance, the players that are looking to free the isolated nation and follow in the footsteps of Kozuki Oden have done some serious training prior to this showdown.

In the battles that took place between the nefarious Tag Team and Luffy's crew, Monkey and Zoro were able to deliver blows that seemingly had fans thinking that this fight was in the bag, but it's clear that Big Mom and Kaido are on a whole different level. It's clear that this is the biggest battle of the Wano Arc and will determine the fate of the world of the Grand Line.

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