One Piece Cliffhanger Introduces Kaido's New Form

When it comes to One Piece, you have to keep up with all of Luffy's nemeses, and few are as [...]

When it comes to One Piece, you have to keep up with all of Luffy's nemeses, and few are as intimidating as Kaido. The Beast Pirates captain is a sight to behold thanks to his monstrous stature and strength. These days, Luffy is fighting the foe head-on amidst the battle to free Wano, and it seems Kaido has leveled up with a brand-new form.

The whole thing was brought to life when chapter 1008 went live. One Piece saved the revelation for the end as Luffy checked in with his allies. Big Mom looks super terrifying right now as she is seen flying atop her clouds, but Kaido is a whole other story.

As you can see above, Kaido has taken on a hybrid form that brings together his dragon form with his human one. Kaido is still shaped like a towering man with two arms and legs. However, some of his serpentine dragon features are coming to the surface. For one, Kaido has two protrusions sticking up from his forehead while his mustache hangs over his fanged teeth.

For the rest of his body, Kaido is littered with dark black scales, and he has a tail to match. Kaido completes the look with some elongated fingers topped with pointy talons. Clearly, Kaido is a menace in his regular form, so this hybrid look is terrifying in its own right.

It is good to know Luffy and the Worst Generation have pushed Kaido to this point. The Yonko is considered one of the strongest pirates in the whole series, so we have to give kudos in that regard. Now, the question is whether these One Piece baddies can be defeated, and it will surely take more than just the Worst Generations to bring their downfall.

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