One Piece Explains the True Horrors of Queen's New Plague

One Piece had made it clear that the Beasts Pirates are nasty, and the group only gets worse the stronger they get. Kaido is one of the worst people to ever set sail, and his righthand men are not any better. That goes doubly so for Queen, and fans agree the villain is even more nefarious after his recent attack.

For fans who are caught up with the manga, they will know what is up. Queen got the upper hand as of late following the stunning reveal of X-Drake's traitor status. Queen is determined to kill the man as the rebels who wish to defeat Kaido. That is why he began letting loose new Plague Rounds, and the new ones he whipped up are terrifying.

The true horror of the bullets were shown in chapter 994. The update went live with a check in on Queen, and the baddie revealed how deadly his Ice Oni rounds work. As it turns out, the bullets infect users and then let them live for exactly an hour before they die.

In the meantime, the rounds infect those who are shot with a seriously gnarly virus. It turns the fighters into icy demons who are aware of their actions but unable to stop themselves from fighting. It doesn't matter if you are a friend or foe; Anyone who is infected by this plague is hit with a madness that prompts them to fight. The virus is also highly contagious, and one who touches an infected soldier will contract it.


As you can imagine, this plague has wreaked havoc on the battlefield, and a good many rebels have been infected along with pirates. This means the Straw Hats have to find a curse ASAP, but the word is out on whether Tony will make it happen.

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