One Piece Shows Off Kawamatsu's Strength in Stunning Scene

One Piece has brought in a new member of the Akazaya Nine to the anime with the previous episode of the series, and the newest episode showed off what this new member could really do with a stunning display of Kawamatsu's strength. After being teased when Luffy first arrived in the Udon prison, Kawamatsu the Kappa was revealed to be the full name of the prisoner locked away within a showy cell while being fed poisonous fish. But with Luffy causing chaos, Kawamatsu found it as the time to move.

With chaos wrecking through Udon prison, Raizo was able to successfully get Kawamatsu's katana back to him along with the keys to his cuffs. With his restraints now successfully off and his sword back in tow, Kawamatsu made his major move against the Beasts Pirates trying to come and kill him in his cell with a major display of his abilities.

Episode 948 of the series sees Kawamatsu finally freed from his cell, and upon being reunited with his sword, Sotomuso, Kawamatsu the Kappa shows off what his Kappa Style can do. Before that, however, Kawamatsu shows off a mastery of his own kind of Ryuo with his Yagura Ryuo move that sends his foes flying with a few Sumo like thrusts.

One Piece Kawamatsu River of Retribution Watch Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Channeling more of his Ryuo into his katana, Kawamatsu shows off the true fruits of his Kappa Style with River of Retribution. This attack spins him around like a top before cutting through several opponents at one time. Kawamatsu has been holding out hope for the others' return ever since he was first locked into the prison 13 years ago, and now he and the other members of the Akazaya Nine are truly ready to make their stand against Kaido's forces.

There is still a lot about Kawamatsu the Kappa than we have been privy too in the anime thus far, but his dedication is definitely representative of the kind of strong warrior he is. He's even so relieved that he ends up puking much of the poisonous fish that he's been forced to eat for so long. But what did you think of his debut?

How are you liking Kawamatsu the Kappa so far? How do you feel about the Akazaya Nine line up in the anime? Curious to see what else Kawamatsu and the other samurai can do as the fight gets even more intense in the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!