One Piece Introduces Big Mom's Newest Ally

One Piece is moving along with its big War for Wano, and the manga is facing some of its hardest fights so far given this hurdle. After all, Big Mom has been separated from Kaido, and she is facing her own troubles without Luffy on her tail. These days, Big Mom is fighting Ulti after the henchman made a huge mistake, and it even made Big Mom bring out her new ally.

For those who did not know, Big Mom has moved on from Zeus despite the cloud's turn on Nami. The Yonko has never forgiven Zeus for the betrayal, so she has made Hera to take his spot. The newly crafted thundercloud is similar to Big Mom in personality, so it seems Zeus is out of look.

The Yonko's new ally showed up in One Piece after Big Mom felt the need to remind Ulti of who is the most powerful between them. The conflict came after Ulti punched Tama and knocked the young girl unconscious. Big Mom was horrified by the act, so she launched a united blow on Ulti with her friends. Hera joined Prometheus and Napoleon to launch the Maser Ho which blows right through Ulti.

It seems Hera is a good addition to the Big Mom's crew, but it comes at a cost. Zeus has been left to his own devices, and Nami is not willing to take him back. This gave Big Mom the chance to order Hera to eat the cloud, and Zeus could only beg for his life. Despite Nami deciding to help him at the last minute, Hera managed to consume Zeus, so it seems she is even more powerful now. But if we know Nami, she will find a way to bring the other thundercloud back to One Piece.


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