The One Piece Rapper Visits Fans with Thank You Video

There is perhaps no theme song more notorious in the world of anime than the One Piece Rap that [...]

There is perhaps no theme song more notorious in the world of anime than the One Piece Rap that was developed for the North American translation of the series by the company 4Kids, and recently, the creator of the song, Shawn Conrad, took to Youtube to give fans the scoop on how the song came to be. With his latest update, Conrad thanked fans not just by expressing his appreciation, but also by performing the song once again that has reverberated throughout the years among fans of the Straw Hat Pirates and the world of anime in general.

In the video that started everything off, Conrad noted that he began to work as an audio engineer for 4Kids but was noticed by the company for his previous career as a rapper who performed alongside the likes of Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z to name a few. Though the company gave Conrad notes as to what they thought should be included in the song itself, mostly breakdowns of the characters that inhabited the world of the Grand Line, Shawn added his own style to a number of different beats within the song and made the rap that is still thought of to this day by many when they think of North American translations.

Shawn Conrad shared the "Thank You Message" via his Official Instagram Account, singing the infamous One Piece Rap song once again and thanking fans in the process for the recent support when it came to his story about how the song came to be:

The "One Piece Rap," has been put to bed since the 4Kids run of the series came to an end, with the likes of Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Netflix taking the opportunity to once again introduce fans in North America to the world of the Grand Line. Currently, in the episodes of the anime, the Wano Arc has seen the Straw Hats attempting to free the denizens of an isolated nation from the clutches of the likes of Kaido and his Beast Pirates. While we don't know when these new episodes will receive an English Dub, we're fairly confident in saying that the One Piece Rap will not be a part of them.

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