One Piece Reveals Sabo's New Title

One Piece is back at last, and the manga didn't hold back as it came off hiatus. Creator Eiichiro Oda brought the series back to fans with chapter 1054 just recently, after all. And if you have checked out the big release, you will know it gifts Sabo a major new title no one saw coming.

The information comes courtesy of the Marines as fans learned how the Reverie went down while Luffy fought Kaido in Wano. As it turns out, the whole affair got wild as the Revolutionary Army fought against the few leaders who appeared at the Reverie. As we know, Sabo managed to infiltrate the event, and his actions there have earned him the title of Flame Emperor Sabo.

According to the Marines, Luffy's older brother did a lot while at the Reverie. Not only did he manage to free the slaves and prisoners held at the event, but he apparently murdered the King of Alabasta. All of this combined to turn Sabo into a figurehead of the revolution, and the Marines believe the fighter is now more influential than Luffy's dad.

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"Now, the many sparks of rebellion smoldering all over the world are beginning to worship him like he's some kind of god. At this point in time, he's so popular that he might have more influence than Dragon, commander-in-chief of the Revolutionaries," one admiral shared.

Of course, the attack at Reverie has now sparked international dismay, and that feeling doubled after news of Luffy's victory over Kaido went live. The defeat of Big Mom and Kaido was unthinkable. Luffy's message of freedom is now being shared the world over, and Sabo has stoked the emotions of the oppressed to fight back. So as One Piece heads into its final act, there is no telling how these huge shifts will play out.

Are you surprised by Sabo's reputation ahead of the series' final act? Where do you think One Piece will take the hero next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.