One Piece Theories Try to Explain Wano's Most Shocking Revival

One Piece is enjoying the good life right now all thanks to the Wano Country saga. The story has [...]

One Piece is enjoying the good life right now all thanks to the Wano Country saga. The story has become a hit in print and on-screen thanks to its complex rebellion and colorful cast. Of course, the manga is on another level these days given how far it is into the rebellion against Kaido, and its most recent update has sparked dozens of theories regarding THAT hero's comeback.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for One Piece!

The big moment in question came at the end of the manga's latest chapter. One Piece readers followed along as Yamato learned a curious secret about Momo, and Chopper managed to heal all those infected by Queen's plague. But in the end, the biggest shocker came when the samurai all awoke from being healed to find themselves face-to-face with Oden.

The man's appearance is shocking to say the very least. The rightful shogun of Wano was killed twenty years ago before his vassals, so everyone was stunned to see him alive. Or at least, that is how things look. Readers are all but certain Oden is dead, and there are several fan-theories on the Internet trying to explain his comeback.

Most of the theories are literal such as Toki having sent Oden to the future at some point just for this meeting. Others believe Onimaru might have transformed into Oden to encourage the samurai while others believe Kanjuro came to and made the clones after having a change of heart. These pitches are all solid, but the most intriguing ones have to do with what the samurai endured before seeing Oden.

The group was being healed by a mysterious woman well before waking up, and the figure is gone now. Some believe Hiyori is the one who healed the group, and Oden's comeback has to do with a secret Devil Fruit perhaps. She may be able to conjure spirits or channel souls into the real world for a short time which could explain a lot. The other theory is that the vassals are all experiencing a collective unconsciousness and seeing Oden through the afterlife. The idea goes that the group is verging on death and has gotten the chance to regroup with Oden before returning to the real world. And if that is the case, well - you can expect to shed all the tears when One Piece puts out its next chapter.

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