One Piece Reveals Chopper's Cure for Queen's Icy Plague

One Piece revealed Chopper's surprising cure for Queen's icy plague! The war for Wano Country is [...]

One Piece revealed Chopper's surprising cure for Queen's icy plague! The war for Wano Country is breaking out all over Onigashima, and fans have seen how it's gotten even more chaotic thanks to Queen and his deadly weapons. Previous chapters saw Queen unleash his worst plague yet as it turned its victims into icy oni that went berserk and attacked foe an ally alike before killing the victims entirely. Chopper, seeing this plague, vowed to help put a stop to it and develop an antidote as fast as he could to save everyone, even the Beasts Pirates crew.

Fans had seen how it was tough enough for Chopper to even get the base formula to begin working on a cure, and the previous chapter of the series only intensified this as it revealed that Hyogoro had been not only infected but was close to losing control and his life as a result. Thankfully with this newest chapter of the series, Chopper has found a cure to this icy plague.

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Chapter 1007 continues from the previous cliffhanger as one of Hyogoro's trusted allies was about to kill him in an act of mercy before the illness took his life. But Chopper stops them just in time and gives Hyogoro the cure. It begins to burn away Hyogoro's icy body (like a fiery virus to melt the ice), and Chopper soon spreads this cure to the entire island with a cannon ball filled with "Chopperphage Nebulizer."

He reveals that using those antibodies as a base, he created a virus of his own. He's using this virus to combat the other, and the cannon was meant to supply everyone with a mist rather than try and inject everyone there. Chopper's so angry at Queen using this virus as a weapon because it in turn harmed his own crew (which Queen could not care any less about).

With Chopper now curing both his allies and enemies, even the Beasts Pirates begin to fight on his side out of respect for him curing their illnesses as well. With Chopper proving how much he has learned in the years since he had been training on his own, he's also proving to be one of the finest doctors on the open seas as a whole.

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