One Piece Meets Some Pro Heroes in This My Pirate Academia Crossover

It goes without saying that My Hero Academia and One Piece are popular. So it stands to reason that a crossover between the two series would be one of the biggest things to happen to anime. Sadly, no such plans are in the cards nowadays, but that did not stop one artist from giving the kids of Class 1-A the chance to sail the Grand Line!

Over on Twitter, the talented artist TinaFate1 gave their take on a One Piece x My Hero Academia crossover. The aptly named 'My Pirate Academia' piece has since gone viral with netizens online, and it has brought together two fanbases that were once at war.

The gorgeous piece, which can be seen below, gives Izuku a spot-on makeover as Luffy. Bakugo takes on the mantle of Zoro while Todoroki prepares some fiery kicks as Sanji. As you can imagine, Ochaco fits the role of Nami pretty much perfectly while Momo assumes the role of Nico Robin.

As for the rest of the crew, Tenya looks immaculate as Sanji, and that hat needs to join his canon costume in My Hero Academia. Tsuyu dons Tony Tony Chopper's fluffy hat while Kirishima steps up in the back as Franky. Jiro is given the esteemed role of Brook given their musical backgrounds. And in the cruelest twist of fate, Mineta is left cowering as Zeus.

The final two characters to point out in this crossover are Mina and All Might. The former takes on Carrot's role as the bunny minx can be seen hopping in the background. And as for All Might? Well, he looks downright fierce with this Jinbe makeover.


This perfectly cast crossover brings each character to their fullest potential, and it shows why there is more tying One Piece to My Hero Academia than tearing them apart. Sure, the hit series may compete in sales, but their love of adventure and heartfelt stories are the same. And between us, I think Kaido and All For One would make for a killer crossover...!

What do you think about this cute crossover? Should Shueisha pitch a real tie-in event for the series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.