Will One Piece Reach Chapter 1,000 By the End of 2020?

One Piece has been on an ambitious streak as of late, and that is all thanks to creator Eiichiro Oda. Not only is the artist running along with the Wano Country arc, but he is narrowing in on his 1,000th chapter of One Piece. As you can imagine, such a milestone must be celebrated in full, and fans are very excited to read chapter 1,000 upon its release. But right now, the biggest question remains whether the milestone release will go live this year or the next.

Of course, fans have been quick to do the math on the topic, and it doesn't take much to piece things together. Currently, there are 991 chapters of One Piece out. This means chapter 1,000 will come around in eight chapters. There is more than enough time this year to pull off that many chapters, but you do have to factor in magazine holidays and personal breaks as well.

For those who do not know, Weekly Shonen Jump takes some specific holidays where no publishing is done at all. Some events force the publisher to roll out chapters early, but holidays like Golden Week give the company's workers time off period. Such a holiday comes during the final week of December, so that means chapter 1,000 would need to go live during the third week of the month.


This caveat is still very manageable, but the rest of it depends on Oda himself. The artist is used to taking frequent breaks on the manga to take care of himself. In fact, Oda has been in a pattern as of late with his double issues; He will go ahead and ink One Piece chapters back to back so he can take a week off from work. But if he wants to get out eight chapters total before 2021 rolls in, Oda will only be able to afford two breaks. This might be a stretch for the artist, but if Oda really wanted to get chapter 1,000 out by the end of this year, he could make it happen.

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