One Piece: Netflix Director Teases the Show's Big Goals

One Piece's live-action Netflix adaptation is hoping to buck the trend when it comes to previous anime adaptations, with the streaming service bringing on creator Eiichiro Oda as an executive producer. In a recent interview, a major player behind this new take on the Straw Hat Pirates broke down his approach to the adaptation as Shonen fans wait on word for when we can expect the Grand Line to hit the streaming service.

Biaselli, in speaking with the podcast "Gayest Episode Ever", noted that he had worked on such Netflix adaptations as Lost in Space, Umbrella Academy, and Lemony Snicket. In discussing One Piece, the Netflix executive broke down how he was approaching the One Piece adaptation:

"The pressure of live-action anime has always been a disaster, and I do not want that on my record. I want to be the guy that understands what they're making and the intention behind the source material and how we translate that. Rather than creating a shot-for-shot recreation or taking the IP and throwing everything else away, there is a middle ground in understanding the truth behind all the source material and then figuring out how that makes sense in a live-action cinematic approach." 

Live-Action Luffy

Biaseeli also expanded on the time required to adapt One Piece

"I've been working on One Piece for four years and as far as I'm concerned, it's not about how fast you can get it on. My little mantra is 'get it right before right now' and it takes a while and that's ok. We're working directly with Eiichiro Oda and he has a vision. He's also never worked in television so it's a give and take of what works in live-action and what doesn't work in live-action. Sometimes he tells us, 'You guys are missing the point. That's NOT what this scene is about. THIS is what this scene is about and we all go 'OOOOk". 

You can watch the brief segment from the new podcast episode below:

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