One Piece To Debut New English Dub Episodes This Summer

With One Piece having its first arcs brought to Netflix last month, Funimation has decided to release some news of their own regarding the Straw Hat Pirates with new English Dubbed episodes set to arrive later this summer for fans of the world of the Grand Line! The Punk Hazard Arc, which encompasses episodes 588 through 600, will arrive this August that will bring back the crew that helped bring the cast of the Straw Hats to North America with a cadre of English voice actors that portray Luffy and his crew.

Currently in One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates are battling against the forces of Wano, taking place several hundred episodes following the conclusion of the Punk Hazard Arc which places the Straw Hats into an island that blends frozen temperatures and blazing hot environments as Luffy and his crew respond to a call for help. The English Dub for One Piece has trailed behind the original episodes that have been released on a regular clip in Japan, but it's still good to see that the series is marching forward with new episodes from the cast regardless of how far back they might be. We certainly look forward to the return of the voice cast that helped bring the Straw Hat Pirates to new audiences.

Funimation shared the news that One Piece's Punk Hazard Arc would be arriving with new English Dub episodes later this summer, giving fans of this iteration a chance to jump back into the world of the Grand Line as Luffy and his crew deal with a new dangerous terrain and run into some friendly and fearsome faces along the way:

Though there has yet to be any announcement of episodes of the English Dub continuing past episode 600 with the Punk Hazard Arc, we're crossing our fingers that the steady stream of One Piece episodes will continue with the North America cast.


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