One Piece Creator Gives Ace and Sabo a Wano Makeover

The creator of One Piece never knew how much his story could emotionally cripple readers when he [...]

The creator of One Piece never knew how much his story could emotionally cripple readers when he first began working on it. Monkey D. Luffy is not an emotional kind of guy, but he has gone through trials that would make the toughest of pirates weep. Of course, the backstory about his brothers is one such tale, and Oda has brought back Luffy's older siblings for a special piece of artwork.

With the release of One Piece Magazine 9, fans were gifted a special treat from Eiichiro Oda. The artist decided to honor two of the men who made Luffy into the person he is now. Oda channeled the manga's ongoing Wano arc and imagined how Sabo and Ace would look in the island nation nowadays.

The One Piece artwork, which can be found below, shows Sabo as an adult wearing a blue patterned yukata. With two swords at his side, Sabo appears to be deep in thought as he checks out a wanted poster of Luffy. As for Ace, the fiery pirate is dressed in an orange-and-green yukata that exposes his chest.

Ace and Sabo as samurai drawn by Oda from r/OnePiece

Of course, Ace has a rice ball in hand, and he is chowing down on the food. He has a single samurai sword at his side, and the look suits Ace even if it's more formal than his usual outfit. But hey, at least he has a Shiba Inu to keep him company now!

The artwork is no doubt gorgeous, but it has fans feeling emotional as they know such a moment can never happen in the manga. It is no secret that Ace died during the Battle at Marineford, and Sabo continues to uphold his duties with the Revolutionary Army. So for now, it seems fans can only wonder how this scene might have actually gone down in One Piece should the brothers have been reunited years ago.

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