One Piece Reveals New White Beard Figure

One Piece's Wano Arc has taken the Straw Hat Pirates to the isolated nation in order to achieve the dreams of Kozuki Oden to open up the country's borders, while also venturing into the past of Eiichiro Oda's anime saga, and the anime swashbuckler named Whitebeard, who has appeared in flashbacks during this arc, will be getting a new figure for his younger self! When we first met Whitebeard in One Piece, he was an old pirate looking to take care of his underlings that he considered to be family while also remaining one of the most powerful swashbucklers that are a part of the Grand Line!

Whitebeard, unfortunately, died earlier in the franchise, giving fans of One Piece one of the most powerful moments in the series as the all powerful swashbuckler spent his final seconds dying on his feet to protect his "family". Edward Newgate was dubbed "Whitebeard" during his travels across the Grand Line, being known as one of the most powerful pirates thanks in part to his insanely strong Devil Fruit abilities. Whitebeard has made appearances in the Wano Arc thanks in part to the flashbacks documenting the life of Kozuki Oden, who sailed with Newgate in order to explore the world and help to achieve his dreams of opening the borders of his homeland.

Twitter User New World Artur shared the upcoming One Piece Whitebeard figure from the company of Banpresto, showing what one of the most powerful swashbucklers to ever sail the Grand Line looked like during his days where he was "finding his sea legs":

In the short time together that Whitebeard and Oden had, the pirate captain was weary of taking on this wandering samurai into his crew, giving him the task of being tied to his ship and swimming behind it for days on end. When Kozuki was able to succeed at this task, he was then welcomed into Newgate's ranks before eventually joining up with Gol D. Roger himself, actually being close to the "Pirate King" when the One Piece treasure was discovered!

Will you be picking up this upcoming Whitebeard action figure? Do you think we'll get any more flashbacks of the young Newgate before Wano is finished? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Grand Line!