New One Piece Opening Teases a Tense Roger vs Whitebeard Battle

If you have watched any bit of One Piece, you have heard the heralded tale of Gold Roger. The pirate is the only one who can claim the title King of the Pirates, and his downfall ushered in the Age of the Pirates. Over the decades, fans have wanted to learn more about the legendary character, and it seems the next bit of One Piece will do that on the screen.

Recently, One Piece put out a new opening that fans were understandably excited about. Any anime fan knows how pivotal a new anime opening can be for an arc as they tend to contain spoilers about what's to come. This reel wasn't any different, and one scene that piqued interest included Roger.

The scene in question can be seen about midway through as Roger takes a swing at the formidable Whitebeard. The latter pirate is quick to block the blow, but the power the two generate is enough to cause a blast in and of itself. Both of the pirates look younger here as they feud with one another, and fans are eager to see this battle play out in the anime.

one piece whitebeard
(Photo: Toei Animation)

After all, it is not often you see Roger in the anime aside from the simple flashback. The same goes doubly so for Whitebeard as the show has treated his legacy gracefully since his death at Marineford. Audiences know already that this feud will be one for the record books as it weaves its way into the history of Wano, and manga readers will second that in a heartbeat.

After all, those who are caught up with the One Piece manga will know what goes down between Roger and Whitebeard. The pair are more friendly than you would think considering they are enemies. The battle begins once the captains have each other within sight, but the stakes at hand are more than you'd guess. After all, the allegiance of Kozuki Oden is on the line, and Roger will stop at nothing to add the Wano royal to his team.


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