One Piece: Red Has Created Devil Fruit Popcorn Holders For Upcoming Release

One Piece: Red is the fifteenth film in the long-running Shonen series, set to hit theaters in Japan this August. While the story of Shanks and Uta might be enough to bring in anime fans into theaters, it would also appear as though Japanese fans will have the opportunity to take home a Devil Fruit of their own. While not confirmed for the US theatrical release, theaters in Japan will be supplying fans with Devil Fruit popcorn holders that are the spitting image of the Shonen's edibles.  

The fifteenth film of the Shonen franchise is set to not just bring back Red-Haired Shanks, but also introduce his daughter, Uta. Billed as the Ultimate Diva, fans of One Piece have yet to discover whether or not the pop star has Devil Fruit powers of her own, though this is surely something that will be explored in the upcoming theatrical release. Since the very start of the series, Shanks himself has not had the ability to rely on Devil Fruit powers, though he was ultimately the pirate responsible for bringing Luffy into contact with the powerful fruit that would grant him his rubber powers.

Twitter User New World Artur shared the first look at the Devil Fruit Popcorn Holder which will apparently be made available to theater-goers in Japan, though a release has yet to be confirmed in North America or other countries that will see the movie hit theaters this fall:

Recently, it was announced that One Piece's television series will take a break from the War For Wano arc to explore the early relationship between Luffy and Uta. With One Piece: Red hinting that the two characters interacted with one another long before Luffy hit the seas and assembled the Straw Hat Pirates, it's no surprise to see that the television show will flesh out their interactions. Unfortunately, this might mean that viewers will have to wait that much longer to see the anime introduction of Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation.

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