One Piece Cosplay Goes To War With Yamato

Yamato, the offspring of Kaido and spiritual successor to the altruistic Shogun of Wano Oden, has easily become a fan-favorite character in the Shonen franchise of One Piece. The Wano warrior's popularity has risen exponentially as a result of his introduction in the anime adaptation, so its definitely no big surprise to see that there are plenty of Cosplayers looking to give their own interpretations on the offspring of Kaido that might just become the next member of the Straw Hat Pirates. 

While Yamato might have taken on the name of Oden, the Wano warrior has the ability to transform into a beast similar to his father Kaido, which he has been using in an attempt to free the isolated nation that Kozuki loved so dear in life. Being trapped in a cave alongside a number of samurai prisoners that had been captured by the Beast Pirates, Yamato learned more about the life of Oden and how the Shogun of Kuri gave his all for his people. Though Oden died at the hands of Orochi and Kaido, his dream lives on not only in Yamato, but in the Straw Hats as well.

Instagram Cosplayer Chibi Th0t shared this new take on the offspring of Kaido, perfectly capturing the aesthetic of the Wano warrior that has been lending a major hand to both Luffy's crew and the resistance fighters of the nation that he calls home:

In the pages of the manga, Yamato has been forced to duel with his father, following Luffy's defeat at the hands of the Beast Pirate captain. Though the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates has returned to battle, readers have been left wondering who, if anyone, will be able to deliver the killing blow to the pirate with the power to transform into a dragon whenever he wants. Needless to say, the battle between Yamato and Kaido has yet to take place in the anime adaptation, but it will make for one of the biggest battles in the series to date.

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