One Piece Reveals Nami and Vivi's Wedding Dresses

There are more characters in One Piece than we can count, but there are many who stick out above the rest. Of course, you can count the Straw Hat crew amongst those people along with their allies. When it comes to women, the series most often boasts Nami, Robin, or even Vivi as favorites amongst fans. And thanks to a new campaign, One Piece has revealed the wedding looks Nami and Vivi have always dreamt about.

The event in question is thanks to Placole Wedding, a wedding info service based in Japan. The brand is partnering with One Piece for a year-long project that shows various heroines dressed for their weddings. Now, Nami's dress has gone live, and the gorgeous look would knockout Sanji in less than a second.

As you can see, the gorgeous dress Nami is wearing features an off-the-shoulder neckline featuring floral trim. The bust and waist are very fitted as Oda is want to do. When it comes to the skirt, the yellow silk fabric is layered and plated with ruffled panels at the side. The look is combined with a floral headband and earrings that match Nami's style. And if you look at her bouquet, you will see a pair of tangerines which honor here childhood.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Of course, Vivi's dress is still beautiful following its reveal in August. The blue-and-gold dress is more subtle than the one Nami is wearing. Paired with a long veil, Vivi looks gorgeous in this sleek a-line gown. The embroidered bodice is perfectly decorated, and the dress's flowy skirt is befitting any princess. And since this is Vivi we are talking about, you know this dress looks extra beautiful given her radiant glow. Now, the only question left is over who these heroines are exchanging vows with...?!

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