One Piece Goes All Out with an Epic Straw Hats Reunion

One Piece's Wano Country arc is the first time in a long time that the entire Straw Hat crew has been gathered in one place, and the newest chapter of the series went all out with one epic reunion for our favorite crew. While the Straw Hat crew has all been in the Wano region, they had been separated throughout the entire arc thus far due to various shenanigans and challenges they faced while sneaking through the region. They broke apart once again after they made their way to Onigashima, but the newest chapter shows just how awesome they can be altogether.

Their first fight with Jinbe as part of the crew was their initial entry to Onigashima, but things quickly fell into chaos as Luffy and the others made their way to Momonosuke and Kaido. Chapter 989 of the series laid the foundation for their reunion as each of their respective paths collided together in an equally hilarious and epic way.

After Franky surprisingly saved Nami from Big Mom's counterattack, it was revealed that Brook had come along with him as well. Meanwhile, Jinbe and Robin sneak their way towards the battle as they are two members of the crew who are still hiding their identities among the Beasts Pirates. At the same time Franky and Big Mom are going to clash, giant beasts known as the Numbers arrive while holding the Brachio Tank with Chopper and Usopp inside.

One Piece Straw Hat Reunion Fight Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

With Franky, Nami, Brook, Jinbe, Robin, Usopp, and Chopper now in one place that just leaves Luffy and Zoro. Luffy tries to Gum Gum Rocket his way up to the top of the dome (where Kaido and the Akazaya Nine are starting their fight), and Zoro suddenly arrives to hitch a ride. But they're knocked back down by Queen and King that had appeared.

During all of this chaos, Sanji had had recovered from his brief fight with King as well in the rubble. With all of the Straw Hat crew now collected in a single area, the war for Wano is now truly set to begin as they branch off into their respective fights through the rest of the arc. But what do you think?


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