One-Punch Man Artist Draws Funny Guide to Wearing Face Masks Correctly

One-Punch Man has been quiet on the anime front since its second season came to a close, but its artist is busier than ever. Yusuke Murata is still dishing out chapters every month or so. Of course, the artist is still keeping up with fans on social media, and that has not changed even amidst the pandemic. And ahead of the new year, Murata is reminding fans the best way to wear a face mask.

The short guide was posted on Twitter recently after Murata likely had his own incident with a face mask. The accessories are found everywhere these days in a bid to keep COVID-19 under control, and Japan adopted masks with ease. But if you struggle to wear your mask with your glasses, Murata has the solution!

The comic, which can be found below, shows a man trying to breathe as usual in a mask, but each exhale he makes fogs up his glasses. This is obviously hard to work around, but Murata (and millions of others) know the best way to avoid this issue.

"When glasses get cloudy because of your face mask, it is very annoying. When that happens, pull the mask up to just below your eyes. When you put on your glasses, the mask will stay there by itself. Then, it is no longer cloudy," the artist wrote.

Of course, Murata had to fit in a One-Punch Man homage in this comic. If you look in the background on the last panel, you will see a familiar hero riding a bicycle. Mumen Rider shows up to encourage fans to give this tutorial a go if they are struggling with their face mask. So if Glasses ever needed a bit of encouragement, well - here it is!


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