'One-Punch Man' Season 2 Theme Song Reportedly Surfaces

One-Punch Man is less than a month away from its comeback, but fans have seen little of its new [...]

One-Punch Man is less than a month away from its comeback, but fans have seen little of its new season. In April, the series' caped baldy will suit up once more to fight super villains, and it seems a version of season two's theme song has surfaced online.

Over on Twitter, fans were teased with the reported theme song after a fan known as Gonzaroo shared the audio.

"The opening for season two of One-Punch Man has leaked. It is by JAM Project as always planned," the post reads.

As you can hear below, the leaked audio is pretty scratchy, but it has a similar feel to the first theme song One-Punch Man touted. The track, which JAM Project recorded as well, became a famous one within the anime fandom. Its metal leanings made JAM Project a household name with shonen lovers, so fans are eager to see how this leaked audio will sync with season two's animated opening number.

So far, fans have not see anything of One-Punch Man season two despite its approaching release date. A promo video was shared last year teasing dialogue from the season, but footage has been kept on the down low. With less than a month to go, audiences are feeling nervous about the quality of One-Punch Man's anime return. The series took a long gap between seasons one and two not to mention the anime changed studio hands. Netizens are growing increasingly concerned the missing trailer is maybe due to quality issues with J.C. Staff, so fans are crossing their fingers they're wrong on this hunch.

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One-Punch Man started life as a webcomic by series creator ONE in 2009. After going viral, surpassing seven million hits in June 2012, illustrator Yusuke Murata approached ONE about redrawing the series for a release in Shuiesha's Weekly Young Jump. The series follows Saitama, a salaryman who hates his job and one day decides to stop a violent villain attack. Saitama is inspired to become a hero from this fight and starts training his body everyday.