One-Punch Man Cosplay Gives Us Crazy Buff Garou

One-Punch Man's second season may not have been as widely received as its first, but its second did take the opportunity to introduce one of the franchise's most interesting characters in the "hero killer" named Garou. Though Garou couldn't lay a finger on Saitama, which understandably most characters can't, he's given most of the heroes at large some big problems by systematically bringing down some heavy hitters. With the likes of Tank Top Master, Metal Bat, Spring Moustachio, and Golden Ball falling before him, it's clear that Garou is still a threat to the hero community!

In Season 2, Garou found himself fighting heroes in an attempt to become a monster himself, looking to put his martial arts to the test against the biggest heroes currently patrolling the cities of the world. Originally taught by one of the top heroes Bang, Garou became an evil martial artist who believed that monsters were given a raw deal in their status in the world. In the final episodes of Season Two of One-Punch Man, Garou found himself injured following his "battle" with Saitama, then going up against a combination of B-Class Heroes, as well as Genos, Bang, and Bomb to name a few. While he didn't win the battle, he did manage to escape thanks to a member of the Monster Association and his journey in the One-Punch Man series continues!

Instagram Cosplayer Koeteiru shared their impeccable interpretation of the "Hero Killer" Garou in real life, almost looking more buff than the original anime character that this costume is based on, proving that sometimes fan works can even surpass the source material they were based on:

While a third season of One-Punch Man has yet to be confirmed, it is without a doubt that when/if it is, Garou will be a part of it.


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